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Acting foreign minister meets a number of Arab foreign ministers and ambassadors to discuss ways to face the drought crisis in Somalia
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Acting foreign minister meets a number of Arab foreign ministers and ambassadors to discuss ways to face the drought crisis in Somalia

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Somalia, Bilal Muhammad Othman accompanied by Abdul Rahman Abdel-Shakur and Rasma, the Special Envoy of the President of the Republic of Somalia To the Federal for Humanitarian Affairs and Drought, in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, a number of foreign ministers Arab countries, ambassadors and permanent delegates to the Arab League, before the start of the Ministerial level consultative meeting of the Council of the Arab States. Ambassador Elias Sheikh Omar Abu Bakr, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Somalia to Egypt and the Permanent Representative of Somalia at the University of Arab States, stated that the meetings included the Foreign Minister of Lebanon, Kuwait, Algeria, Yemen, the Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister and the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, etc. Arjiya Qatari. The Somali representative to the Arab League added that the Somali presidential envoy will participate in the work of the Arab League Council meeting to inform the Arab Foreign Ministers about the reality of the situation in Somalia as a result of the drought spread across the country and to highlight the crushing humanitarian crisis Somalia is going through it. The envoy of the president of Somalia, Arab countries and regional and international relief organizations for Somalia’s relief on the ongoing drought crisis, warning of the dangerous current situation that could claim the lives of thousands of innocent Somali citizens. The Somali President’s envoy – in a humanitarian appeal for relief from his country from the drought crisis – called on his Arab brothers, Africans and the international community to move quickly to the aid of the drought-hit Somali people, expressing great concern as the drought wave worsened in many parts of the country. Bilal Mohammed Othman, the Minister in Charge and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the Federal Republic of Somalia, accompanied by His Excellency Mr Abdul Rahman Abdul Shakoor, the Special Envoy to the President of the Federal Republic of Somaliland for Humanitarian Affairs and Drought Affairs, This evening, Mr. Ahmed Abu Al-Ghait, Secretary-General of the Arab States, where the envoy delivered a message A letter from His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somalia at a joint meeting in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. According to Ambassador Elias Sheikh Omar, the Somali president's message served as a humanitarian call for immediate action to help the drought-hit Somali people. The Somali President's envoy will shed light tomorrow before the Arab Foreign Ministers' Consultative Meeting on the recurrent situation in Somalia due to the worsening drought crisis, urging everyone not to give up on Somalia in these difficult circumstances. The Somali representative to the Arab League explained that the Somali President’s message included Somalia’s appeal to the Arab League and Arab countries for relief for his country, which is experiencing a drought unprecedented in 40 years, where nearly seven million citizens are facing the ghost of famine. More than 7.1 million people were damaged, including about 700 thousand people who were forced to leave their homes in search of food, water and pasture, especially in the regions located in the central and southern of the country, noting that the number of internally displaced people is currently estimated in Iran For Somalia with 3 million people, as The situation has started to worsen due to the outbreak of Cholera and measles in different parts of the country. The Somali President's envoy warned, of the danger of the worsening of the drought phenomenon that his country is suffering and its negative consequences on the people of the Somali people, calling on Arab countries to support and support Somalia in the face of this catastrophic crisis that threatens millions of innocent people, and also called on Arab countries to Played an effective role in providing urgent humanitarian aid for the relief of the affected Of the drought in his own country. The Somali President's envoy stressed the need to enhance cooperation and solidarity between Arab countries for his country's relief, emphasizing the importance of developing an Arab and regional emergency plan to reduce the risk of disasters.

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