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President Uhuru promises to reopen borders between Somalia and Kenya

President Uhuru promises to reopen borders between Somalia and Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta has promised the newly sworn-in Somali President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, that he will reopen the borders between the two countries. Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony of Mohamud on Thursday, June 9, Uhuru further promised to work towards increased flights to Mogadishu. He stated that the move would improve trade between the two countries and boost the country's economy. "I personally look forward to working with you to break all these trade barriers to open our borders and establish air links between our two countries so that our people can prosper together. "Indeed Kenya recognises that our own stability and economic wellbeing are dependent on Somalia and the region," Uhuru stated. Further, he gave assurances that Kenya would remain committed to bringing peace to the country that has been prone to attacks from Al Shabaab militants. "I want to reiterate Kenya's commitment to you and your administration and the people of Somalia in upholding peace in the region. I want to commend you for I have had an opportunity to work with you before for your dedication and peace and security to our region." "Kenya's desire is to further consolidate closer relations between our two countries for social-economic corporation, regional stability which is in the best interest of our people," he added Uhuru travelled to Somalia on Thursday morning to a highly guarded event in the capital, Mogadishu. He was accompanied by Ethiopia's Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali. Following terrorist attacks in the country during Uhuru's early reign, Kenya began construction of a wall between the Kenya Somalia border to prevent the militia from crossing over to Kenya to carry out attacks.

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