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President Hassan Sheikh Meets With EU Special Representative for the Horn of Africa
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President Hassan Sheikh Meets With EU Special Representative for the Horn of Africa

Somalia's President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, on Wednesday met with a delegation led by the EU Special Representative for the Horn of Africa, Ms. Annette Weber. The delegation was accompanied by the EU Ambassador to Somalia, Ms. Tiina Intelmann. According to Villa Somalia, the president and Ms. Annette Weber discussed the resumption of EU support to Somalia, highlighting the EU's commitment to supporting the policies and development plans of Somalia's new President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. The head of the state and Ms. Annette Weber agreed on the importance of strengthening relations between the European Union and Somalia. The President thanked the European Union for its continued support to the Government and people of Somalia. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud stated that the country's financial system will be reorganized and developed, in order to meet all the requirements surrounding debt relief in the country. Ambassador Annette Weber is the highest-ranking EU official to visit Somalia since the collapse of the government, demonstrating the Somali government's commitment to strengthening diplomatic ties with the world. The meeting comes a day after the president appointed Abdirahman Abdishakur, a fellow presidential candidate and federal MP, as the country's special envoy to tackle drought. Somalia is facing one of its worst droughts in decades, with an estimated 7.7 million people in need of food aid, according to the United Nations.

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