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Farmaajo to move into a luxurious rental House estimated at $30k monthly in Mogadishu.
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Farmaajo to move into a luxurious rental House estimated at $30k monthly in Mogadishu.

Outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is on Monday expected to officially hand over power to the new President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and vacate Villa Somalia. Farmaajo has been on the last three days moving out his belongings to a new residential house located in Mogadishu. Their have been beehive of activities at Villa Somalia in the last three days with vehicles seen moving out the personal belongings of the former President to his new residence in Mogadishu. This is purposely meant to pave way for the new President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who is set to take over the reign of power from Farmaajo whom he handed over in 2017. Farmaajo is according to sources, said to be moving in to an opulent rental house estimated at $30k monthly located in the heavily fortified fenced compound near Mogadishu's Aden Abdulle International Airport where critics of his regime have been residing in the last five years. The former Head of State is said to have already paid the rent of the first 6 months. This is the specific location where skirmishes were witnessed when critics of his government protested against his term extension in April last year. According to political pundits, President Farmaajo is now beginning four tough years of being in the opposition after he was defeated in the recently held Presidential election at the Afisyoni tent in Mogadishu. Preparations are already in top gear as Farmaajo and Mohamud have been holding meetings in the Presidential palace for the past few days. The two have on Saturday also held face-to-face talks and took a walking tour of various departments of the presidency, Villa Somalia ahead of the handover ceremony on Monday, 23rd May 2022. The outgoing leader had on Tuesday appointed a committee for the assumption of office of the new President led by the National Director of the Presidency Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi Isse and directed them to expedite the preparation for the inauguration ceremony of the new President.  

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