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PM Roble flies to Geneva to attend conference on the Horn of Africa's drought crisis

PM Roble flies to Geneva to attend conference on the Horn of Africa's drought crisis

Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has on Sunday traveled to Geneva to attend a major donor meeting on the Horn of Africa’s drought crisis.

The Prime Minister will be attend by senior officials and ministers from donor countries, the Prime Minister will deliver a keynote address on the humanitarian situation in the country as a result of the devastating drought.

“Prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has travelled today to Geneva, Switzerland to attend an international conference on the extended drought situation in the Horn of Africa. The PM would address the dire need for concerted efforts to mitigate the drought situation in Somalia,” the office prime minister said in a statement.

UN agencies say millions of people in the East African Nations are encountering the risk of starvation and diseases.

Dozens of people have been displaced and fleed their homes across the region with the number of people seeking shelter in Internally Displaced Persons IDPS camps and other areas controlled by the global aid organizations ballooning day by day.

Somalia is currently experiencing worst ever drought which has claimed both animals and Human lives and forced thousands of locals to seek shelter and food in the Internally Displaced Persons IDPS camps located across the country.

International organizations operating in the country have recently heightened calls for the escalation of humanitarian aid to the Horn of Africa Nation which is still grappling with the completion of elections.

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