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Plan to register weapons in Somalia
Somali Elections

Plan to register weapons in Somalia

The commander of the Somali military, General Odowa Yusuf Rage, said a new system for registering weapons and ammunition was underway to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands or being misused. Speaking at a conference in Mogadishu on arms control, Commander Odowa described arms control as paving the way for the lifting of the arms embargo on Somalia. Gen. Odowa said the arms embargo on Somalia has delayed the rebuilding of the Somali National Army and said the Somali government has taken a heavy responsibility on arms control. "Aware of the dangers posed by weapons, as we know that this country is at war with dangerous terrorist organizations and is trying to find weapons to harm the Somali people, the Somali National Army has developed procedures to control weapons and ammunition. , these procedures have been passed through the cabinet, ”said Gen. Odawa. The army chief made the remarks during a speech on arms and ammunition control conference was organized by the Office of the National Security of the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia. The conference was attended by the Federal Government, regional State governments and Somalia’s security partners. Somalia’s civil war has left the country awash in small arms. The exact number of firearms in the hands of civilians is unknown, although it is estimated that the figure is about 550,000 to 750,000, and only about 14,000 of them are registered.  

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