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Al-Shabaab Militants Kill 5 People, Wound Another In Lamu
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Al-Shabaab Militants Kill 5 People, Wound Another In Lamu

Al-Shabaab militants on Friday killed 5 people and seriously injured another in the Majengo area of Lamu County in Kenya. A Chinese national who escaped death was discovered in a bush with both his hands chopped. The five fatalities were attributed to gunshot wounds. The survivor of the Friday afternoon incident is a supervisor with the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor project. The militants also torched vehicles and damaged a bridge connecting to towns during the incident. The militant group, Al-Shabab, claimed responsibility for the Fridays attack saying its fighters killed six people. " The Mujahideens killed 6 Kenyan infidels and one Chinese in Lamu County attack," Al-Shabaab said in a statement. Al-Shabaab has been launching regular cross-border raids since Kenya sent troops into Somalia in 2011 as part of an African Union force protecting the internationally-backed government—which the militant group have been trying to overthrow for more than a decade. The Lamu region, which includes popular tourist beach destination Lamu Island, lies close to the Somali frontier and has suffered frequent attacks, often carried out with roadside bombs.

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