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Puntland state leader re-appoints Mohamud Osman Diyano as PSF commander
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Puntland state leader re-appoints Mohamud Osman Diyano as PSF commander

Somalia's Puntland State President Said Abdullahi Deni has re-appointed Mohamud Osman Diyano Abdullahi as Puntland Security Forces commander after reaching an agreement on their standoff. In a statement issued by the office of the President of Puntland, Mohamud Diyano has been re-appointed to the commander of PSF and at the same time, Amin Haji Khayr appointed the Puntland Intelligence Agency. ''After consulting with the Speaker of the Puntland House of Representatives, traditional elders, former Presidents, Intellectuals and various Puntland Government agencies General Mohamud Osman Abdullahi was appointed Director of the Puntland Security Forces commander,'' read part of the statement. This comes barely less than three days after Puntland leader Said Abdullahi Deni and General Mohamud Osman Diyano reached a preliminary agreement on their standoff behind closed doors meetings. Last year November, Gen. Mohamud was sacked by Deni but refused to surrender his command. On Nov. 26 the Puntland Security Force issued a statement suggesting that the soldiers didn’t trust Deni. His sacking resulted in deadly clashes in Bossaso. The Puntland security force is a Somali commando unit trained by Central Intelligence Agency operatives and U.S. Navy SEALs to fight Al-Shabaab. Until last year, the 600-strong Puntland Security Force had reported directly to U.S. forces and was largely independent of Somali government control.

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