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Somali students to receive accommodation in Serbia following talks between the two countries

Somali students to receive accommodation in Serbia following talks between the two countries

Somalia Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdisaid Muse Ali held phone talks on Thursday with his counterpart in Serbia where they discussed a range of issues including the fate of the Somali students who are fleeing from the ongoing aggression and war in Ukraine. Nikola Selaković, the Serbian foreign Affairs Minister promised that the government of Serbia will give a chance to the Somali students from Ukraine in the Universities and tertiary institutions so as to enable them proceed with their studies. Ali said that he received commitment from of his Serbian counterpart to accommodate the Somali students in his Nation. "Continued my engagements to closely follow the status of displaced 🇸🇴 students on the borders of #Ukraine. Spoke with H.E Nikola Selaković, FM of the Republic of Serbia & received his commitment to welcome Somali students and will be able to continue their studies in 🇷🇸" said the minister. Abdisaid further said they discussed the strengthening of long- standing bilateral relations between the two countries and work on the coordination of the mutual interest of both Nations. "We agreed to advance our long-standing bilateral relations and to closely coordinate on matters of mutual interest. Thanked H.E Nikola Selaković for his support and cooperation." he added . On Wednesday Abdisaid said he had received assurance from his Hungarian counterpart Péter Szijjártó to accommodate and facilitate for the Somali students to continue with their classes in his nation. “Pleasure to speak with H.E Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary.Received reassurances that Somali students whose studies in Ukraine have been disrupted will be offered to continue their studies at Hungarian universities with accommodation provided,” the foreign minister said in a tweet. The foreign ministry has on Tuesday urged Somalis trapped in Ukraine to cross to Poland, Moldova, Hunagry or Slovakia following assurance of safe passage by the four nations. In the meantime, Somalia was among 140 countries that voted on Wednesday at the UN General Assembly in favour of the condemnation of the Russia’s invasion in Ukraine and called for immediate ceasefire.

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