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Veteran Journalist Moalimuu Elected MP In Beledweyne

Veteran Journalist Moalimuu Elected MP In Beledweyne

Somali Government spokesperson Mohamed Moalimu, on Sunday, has been elected MP in the ongoing Lower House parliamentary elections in Beledweyne town in HirShabelle state. The veteran journalist won the seat of HOP#68 after his opponent withdrew from the race. The elections team has so far held three seats and is expected to hold three more seats today in Beledweyne. ”I thank the community and the people of Beledweyne for the responsibility they have given me. I promise to represent the people of Beledweyne during my term in parliament.'' Moalimuu said. Moalimuu was among 11 candidates who were unveiled Saturday to run for Member of Parliament representing Hir-Shabelle State on Saturday. He arrived in Mogadishu from Turkey after undergoing medical treatment where he spent close to 40 days in Turkey after the Al-Shabaab suicide attack in Mogadishu. Moalimuu is a veteran journalist who previously worked with BBC Somali as a reporter stationed in the capital Mogadishu and also served as Secretary-General of the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) before he was appointed to his current post as a Somali Government Spokesperson last year.  

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