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Somalia's NCC Council picks March 15th as the new deadline of completion of elections amid electoral stand-off
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Somalia's NCC Council picks March 15th as the new deadline of completion of elections amid electoral stand-off

National Consultative Assembly comprising of Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and  Federal Member States Presidents have agreed to extend the deadline for the ongoing parliamentary elections in the country after failing for the fourth time to meet its deadline of completion.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble in a statement read by the Deputy minister for information Abdirahman Yussuf Omar ( Al-Adala) on Thursday evening,  announced that a new deadline has been reached by the council so as to conclusively complete the ongoing Lower House elections.

The deputy minister for information said that the Somali leaders have unanimously resolved to push back the date of the completion of the elections and set March 15th as the new deadline.

Despite frantic efforts and pleges by the Electoral Commission of both the Federal and State level that the elections will be concluded on its set deadline, pundits and electoral observers opined that the deadline would be missed since 176 members were elected two days before the expiration of the initial deadline.

Persistent and recurring hard line stances and squabbles among the Somali leaders have significantly been attributed to the delay of both the Parliamentary and presidential elections which are a year behind schedule threatening to put the Horn of Africa Nation into disarray.

The elections have also been marred by widespread claims of Electoral malpractices and riggings with some candidates having been barred from jetting out of the capital Mogadishu to contest for their various seats in their respective areas.

The delay of the polls have also attracted the attention of the international community which threatened to take severe actions if the ongoing elections are not accelerated and its deadline met.

The US vowed to impose sanctions on Somali leaders and their immediate family members who are found to have scuttled, hampered and derailed the electoral process with the International Monetary Fund IMF threatening to withdraw its support to the Federal government if elections are not concluded by May this year.

The terror group- Al-Shabaab have taken stock and advantage of the precarious situation on the ground and have in recent weeks heightened attacks and suicide bombings against government officials, election centres, government officials and civilians across the country.

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