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Al- Shabaab continues to wreak havoc as strings of coordinated attacks engulf Mogadishu
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Al- Shabaab continues to wreak havoc as strings of coordinated attacks engulf Mogadishu

Al- Shabaab Militants group continue to embolden their onslaught in the capital against civilians and government officials despite sustained efforts by the Somali government forces to retake some of the areas which have been under the control of the outlawed group and heavy presence of Federal government soldiers and AMISOM. On the eve of this morning, Al- Shabaab displayed a series of coordinated attacks heralding to the Somali government and the international community that the Somali capital Mogadishu which largely remains in the hands of the Federal government is not of the woods and its grips yet. The insurgents group unleashed several attacks against multiple districts in the fringes of the capital Mogadishu around 1:00 am local time as hapless residents wake up from their naps with heavy recocheting and sporadic gunfire. In the first attack, the militant group bombed Kahda police in Kahda district causing fire that left destruction before they took control of the Station and towed away two government vehicles. Briefly thereafter, a car bomb exploded at a military base in Darusalam neighborhood killing at least two people and injuring scores of others.The attackers were reportedly targeting Heliwa district commissioner Ahmed Nur Aderow. In another separate ambush, mortar shells were reported in Shibis and Shangani districts resulting in the collapse and destruction of residential houses and civilians deaths. The militant group also attacked police stations in Elasha-Biyaha, El-Janaale neighborhoods all of them located in the capital Mogadishu and its outskirts within a span of just less than hour. According to Somali Security Minister Abdullahi Mohamed Nur who confirmed the attacks, security forces had successfully repelled the attackers in different fronts in the Mogadishu. Al- Shabaab through their Proxy media affiliate, claimed responsibility for the attacks.The group in the statement said two car bombs were used in the attacks in Kahda police Station and Darusalam village where extensive damages of property was reported. Moreover, the group also reported attacks in Daynille, Elasha Biyaha and Hodan districts which were purposely aimed at thwarting attempts by the security forces for reinforcement. Specialized trained Haramacad police camp also came under attack further demonstrating the fact that the outlawed group still have the courage to even ambush a police station manned by special commandos. Four people were on Monday this week killed after an auto-rickshaw they were traveling in ran over a landmine explosion in Jowhar city, Southern Somalia. Security officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the incident took place in Hansholey village in the administrative capital of HirShabelle State. The road where the attack happened is frequently used by military personnel and the militants could have probably been targeting the officers said an official. Last week 10 people were killed after a minibus they were traveling in overran an IED in the outskirts of Kismayo, the capital city of Jubbaland State. This comes as the country continues to struggle with parliamentary elections which have thrice missed deadlines amid claims of widespread malpractices and riggings by different stakeholders and candidates involved in the poll. Some regional leaders have been accused of preserving seats for certain candidates who espouse the same ideologies with them while others like the first Deputy Speaker of the House of People Abdiweli Ibrahim Mudey and Mogadishu Deputy Mayor Ali Yare Ali have been denied from departing to their areas of elections in Barawe and Guriceel to contest for their parliamentary seats under undisclosed reasons Al- Shabaab still controls large swathes of land in Southern and Central Somalia where they launch their attacks from on government officials, AMISOM forces, civilians and government installations and buildings. The group is waging war so as to topple the central government backed by the UN in a bid to impose its own strict nterpretation of the Islamic Sharia and was dislodged from the capital Mogadishu in 2011 but is still capable of executing attacks. The militant group has intensified attacks in Mogadishu and the regions as the country is in the midst of a long-running election that has also been characterised by unceasing squabbles between the Prime Minister and outgoing President.

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