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Somalia's Prime Minister assures Foreign diplomats of transparent and credible elections
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Somalia's Prime Minister assures Foreign diplomats of transparent and credible elections

Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble on Tuesday held meeting with foreign diplomats at his office in Mogadishu to discuss range of issues including the completion of elections, security and transparency and fairness in the electoral process. According to a statement from his office, PM Roble exuded confidence that the ongoing parliamentary elections shall be concluded within the timeline established by the recent National Consultative Council Assembly which picked February 25 as the deadline for completion of all Lower House elections so that the country proceeds to the next step of Presidential elections. Roble promised the diplomats that the elections shall be free, fair and credible and that the rights of candidates and the stakeholders partaking in the exercise will not be violated by anyone. Roble also pledged that the women quota of 30% will be met in the elections as serious questions abound about the so far elected members with only 26 being females. He further asked armed forces not to meddle in the ongoing elections to rig for certain candidates and called on them to stay out of politics and instead stick to their responsibilities of securing the country from the Al-Shabab militants group. This comes as the elections continue to be marred by allegations of rigging, corruption and manipulation with senior prominent officials allied to President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo being denied to participate in the elections. Some of those denied from contesting in the elections include outgoing first deputy speaker of Lower House Abdiweli Ibrahim Mudey and Mogadishu's Deputy Mayor Ali Yare Ali who were barred from departing at Aden Abdulle International Airport to Barawe and Guriceel to run for parliamentary seats.

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