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UN security Council to hold a meeting over the fate of Somalia today
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UN security Council to hold a meeting over the fate of Somalia today

The UN Security Council will today meet to discuss Somalia’s political crisis as the of the Horn of Africa Nation continues to grapple with parliamentary elections amid widespread claims of malpractices and riggings. In a statement posted on its official Twitter handle, UNSOM said the meeting will deliberate on the current situation in Somalia. “UN Security Council will convene today to discuss the situation in Somalia. UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Somalia James Swan and head of Amisom, Francisco Madeira will brief the UNSC meeting,” read the statement. The UN meeting comes as the deadline for the completion of Parliamentary elections in Somalia nears with less than a half of the members of Lower House elected in the ongoing elections which has faced wanton claims of manipulation. Only only 26 female MPs have been elected so far in the 11th parliament, a figure which raises eyebrows on whether Somalia which has missed electoral deadlines since 2020 will uphold the requisite 30% women quota. According to the electoral timetable agreed on by the National Consultative Assembly, the House of People elections should conclude by the 25th of this month which is a fortnight from now. A fresh headache has gripped the country as the elections in Bosaso and Garbarahey in Puntland and Jubbaland States could be a stumbling block where both the Presidents of the two States are facing serious challenges due to unresolved power struggle in those towns which could hamper the progress of the ongoing elections. Jubbaland's Ahmed Madobe and his Puntland State counterpart Said Abdullahi Deni have been in dispute with Federal government over the management of elections in their respective jurisdiction. Bosaso for instance has recently been rocked by fighting between US trained PSF forces and Puntland regional forces following the sacking of former PSF Commander Mohamed Osman Diyano by President Said Abdullahi Deni. Garbarahey on the other hand is pitting between Jubbaland leader Ahmed Madobe and President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo who are battling over the control of the 16 seats which are in the town.The town is the backyard of President Farmajo and has a firm support base and wants to take control of the elections in the town so as to cement his bid for re- election. Jubbaland administration says Lower House elections cannot take place in the town as the town is out of its control and due to heavy presence of NISA officers who have been depoyed by the Federal government. However, the local leaders in Gedo region maintain that the region is peaceful and there is no need to stoke fear among the electoral delegates.

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