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Series of attacks claims lives in Bosaaso and Barawe towns in Somalia
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Series of attacks claims lives in Bosaaso and Barawe towns in Somalia

At least four people have been killed and 7 others wounded in an explosion that targeted a restaurant in Northern part of the port city of Bosaso on Wednesday according to security officials. A police officer in Puntland State who spoke to the State owned Radio Mogadishu said that a bomber wearing explosives vest detonated himself in Bosaso's Al Macruuf Shopping centre. Police launched an investigation into the incident in a bid to bring to book those behind the attack. Bosaso has recently been marred by series of explosions and killings which have stoked fear among the residents of the town. No group claimed responsibility for the attack but Al- Shabaab militant group, an affiliate of Al- Qaeda usually take credit for attacks targeting civilians, government officials and security officers. Daesh group have strong presence in Puntland State and they occasionally clash with the regional government soldiers and the Al- Shabaab insurgents. Meanwhile, several mortar shells in Barawe city of South West State has left four people dead and injured 8 others while the State was conducting elections of Lower House in the town. Elections had to be temporarily suspended for sometime after the mortar shells hit the Presidential Palace where the Parliamentary elections were taking place. Al- Shabaab media aligned reported about the attack but did not provide details of who the target was. Witnesses told journalists that the group fired five mortar shells with two landing on residential houses in Sakhawadin and Dayah neighborhoods.

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