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UAE government delivers humanitarian aid to Somali government amid devastating drought
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UAE government delivers humanitarian aid to Somali government amid devastating drought

The United Arab Emirate government has donated food aids to drought stricken families in Somalia. The plane carrying the consignment landed at Aden Abdulle International Airport on Tuesday. Somalia's National Drought Response Commiittee led by Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Khadija Diriye received the food aid donation from the UAE government and is expected to be disbursed to drought stricken families in the country. This is the second donation from the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) government to Somalia after a similar donation was shipped into the country in January last month. Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble received the food and medical aid donation on the 7th of January and offered an apology to the UAE for the seizure of its $9.6M Money which was confiscated in 2018 at Mogadishu airport by the Somali Federal government over suspicion that the money was intended for destabilizing the country and promised to return the money. However the UAE government denied the allegation and instead statd that the money was meant for the National Army.In reprisal, the UAE government closed its embassy and cut ties with the Somali government. The Gulf Nation said that it would continue to bolster humanitarian assistance to the Federal government of Somalia amid the relations between the two countries slowly picking pace and improving. PM Roble during his visit to Abu Dhabi last month held meeting and discussed with the United Arab Emirates and Red cross Society and the UAE’s humanitarian agencies to scale up emergency assistance to the drought ravaged Somali people as the effects of drought continues to bite across the country.

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