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Somalia Writes Complain Letter To The Globe And Mail

Somalia Writes Complain Letter To The Globe And Mail

The office of the Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has written a complaint to the Globe and Mail, Canada's national news organization about its article on atrocities in Tigray allegedly committed by Somali forces.

In a statement by the director of communications Abdirashid Hashi, the office says there is no credible evidence of involvement by the Somali soldiers in the conflict in Ethiopia and will pursue legal action against the Globe and Mail unless it is furnished with facts in the article by Lucy Kassa's.

''Somalia is on a steady road to returning to full stability and prosperity through democracy and impactful socio-economy reform,'' the director of communications Abdirashid Hashi said in a statement.

''Somalia is a proud member of the UN Human Rights Council, and the government is committed to promoting the values of Human Rights both at home and abroad,'' he added.

He added that the Somali forces were never deployed in Tigray “in any capacity”, and vowed to pursue legal action.

He reiterates the Somali government and People are proud of the National Army and asserts they are not violators of human rights.

The newspaper last month reported it had received evidence from witnesses that Somali forces, along with Eritreans, had carried out massacres in the region in the early months of the conflict, which began in November 2020.

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