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Hirshabelle Vice President dismisses claims that the special troops deployed in Beledweyne will be used to rig elections

Hirshabelle Vice President dismisses claims that the special troops deployed in Beledweyne will be used to rig elections

Hirshabelle State Vice President Yussuf Ahmed Hagar Dabageed received hundred of Turkish trained Haramacad police and Gorgor Military forces who were on Wednesday airlifted from Mogadishu to Hiraan region to quell tension and bolster Hiraan regular forces in Beledweyne city.
Dabageed lauded the move by the Somali Federal government to deploy the troops to the embattled town saying they will counter armed rebellious forces who have taken control of the town on Tuesday after news emerged of the anticipated visit by Hirshabelle State President Ali Abdullahi Gudlawe to the town.
Yussuf also dispelled rumours that the troops will used to rig elections of the 25 seats in the town for certain candidates and instead underscored that the forces will used in restoring peace and providing security in the town during the elections.
"1 would like to categorically state that the arrival of troops in Beledweyne is not for political mileage of a certain candidate not will they be used in rigging and micromanaging in the forthcoming Lower House elections in the city and instead the troops will be used to retake the areas where armed militia have seized control of and ensure the House of People elections slated for next month in the town is held in a peaceful manner" said Dabageed.
Three planes carrying the special commandos had arrived at Ugas Khalif airport in Beledweyne town on Wednesday morning reportedly to facilitate the arrival of Hirshabelle State President Ali Abdullahi Gudlawe who has faced opposition and has never set foot in the town since his election in 2020.
The deployment of the troops comes days after Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo held talks with Hiraan Salvation Army Commander Gen. Abukar Warsame Huud who had arrived in Mogadishu with Somali Army infantry commander Gen. Bixi.
Several attempts by Gudlawe to visit the town hit a dead end after clan militia and residents threatened to stage violence against his arrival in the town.Col. Nuur Dheere a former SNA military officer who is leading a faction of armed militia yesterday vowed to fiercely fight to the last man if Gudlawe dared to arrive in the region.
Somali Council of presidential candidates have since condemned the heavy deployment of the special troops in Hiiraan region by the federal government saying the move could escalate the already disturbed peace in the region and claimed President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo wants to use the forces to rig the 25 Parliamentary seats in the town calling on Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble to intervene and order the army not to be used in the political process.
According to reports Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble is not aware of the decision to deploy the troops to Beledweyne and had previously clashes with President Farmajo accusing him of using the military in the political process for his political bonanza.
Former Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmake voiced his concerns about the use of the security forces saying it has its outcome has exhausted the people.
“The use of security forces for political objectives, escalating conflicts, mismanaging elections, the cynicism, and the disappointments that followed exhausted people,” he said
Ex- Hirshabelle State President also wages into the matter saying the deployment is a clear violation of the recent NCC agreement that called for the army to stay out of politics.
“The airlift of paramilitary forces into Beledweyne in this critical time is a clear violation of all election agreements, a provocation to the people of Beledweyne to pick arms, and a slap in the face to Mohamed Hussein Roble PM needs to take action. There must be consequences.” he tweeted.

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