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Somalia government deploys special commandos of Haramacad and Gorgor forces to Beledweyne

Somalia government deploys special commandos of Haramacad and Gorgor forces to Beledweyne

Somalia Federal government has dispatched specialized trained Turkish Haramacad paralimitary and Gorgor military forces to the embattled town of Beledweyne in central Somalia to quell tension in the area and pave way for Hirshabelle State President Ali Abdullahi Gudlawe to visit the town. Three planes carrying the special commandos landed at Ugas Khalifa airport in the city Wednesday morning as conflicting reports emerged of their deployment to the town with some quarters allegedly arguing that it is a plot by the Somali government to rig the 25 seats in the town albeit no official communication was forthcoming on the purpose of their deployment.   Tension flared on Tuesday when news broke of an anticipated visit by Hirshabelle State President Ali Gudlawe to the town which later sparked a revolt against his arrival as armed clan militia took to the streets to block Gudlawe from paying a visit to the town to officiate elections in the area.   Forces allied to former SNA commander Col Nuur Dheere seized control of the town vowing to barricade Gudlawe from entering the city.Gudlawe has been facing resistance in the town following his elections in 2020 that reportedly violated a clan power matrix of a rotational presidency. According to reports president Ali Gudlawe was later forced to cancel his planned visit to the town after the rebellious forces moved into the town. Mutineered former Somali National Army (SNA) commandant and leader of Hiraan Salvation Army Abukar Warsame Huud who is against the incumbent regime of Hirshabelle had arrived in Mogadishu last week to engage talks with president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Federal government officials to tone down the situation in a bid to smoothly facilitate Lower House elections to take place in the town. Villa Somalia is allegedly counting on General Huud to deliver them the 25 seats that are in Beledweyne and facilitate a parliamentary seat for Ex- NISA boss Fahad Yassin in the town although Radio Dalsan can not independently verify the reports.

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