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ONLF welcomes Somali Cabinet decision to remove it from terror list
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ONLF welcomes Somali Cabinet decision to remove it from terror list

ONLF has welcomed the Somalia's Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and Cabinet decision to rescind an earlier decision that labelled it as a "terrorist" organisation after nearly 5 years, calling it a historic move the people in Ogaden will cherish for centuries to come.

In a statement posted on its Twitter account, the group said that it commends the decision by the Somali National Council and described the decision as historic that will remain inked in the minds of the Somali Ogaden people and will be cherished for centuries to come.

"2/2 ONLF commends The PM of Somalia and his cabinet. This is a historic landmark decsion that the #Somali people in #Ogaden will cherish for centuries to come. This is a lesson to those who transgress against the just rights of peoples." it said.

The Somali cabinet on Sunday in a meeting in Mogadishu approved a resolution rescinding a September 2017 decision by the previous cabinet led by former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre to label ONLF as a "terrorist" organisation; and declared rendition of ONLF commander Abdikarim Qalbi Dhagah on August 28 to Ethiopia “illegal”

Members of the Cabinet in a vote overruled the decision-23 voted in favour of the resolution I voted against and another abstained.

According to sources close to the cabinet meeting, the minister of finance Abdirahman Beyle was the only cabinet member who voted against the resolution to revoke the designation of ONLF. The Hamse Said Hamse is said to have abstained.

According to a background check on its website, the group describes itself as “a national liberation organisation that struggles and advocates for the rights of the Somali people in Ogaden and has no involvement whatsoever in Somalia’s multifaceted conflict at all.”

The arrest and rendition of its leader Abdikarim Muse Qalbi Dhagah in 2017 August by the current Somalia administration ignited widespread condemnation and castigation of the repatriation.

However, he was released later in June 2018 by the Ethiopian government.

In an attempt to reconcile with the enemies, in 2018, Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed delisted the ONLF from outlawed groups in Ethiopia - where it had staged militancy since 1984. Until then ONLF pledged to objectively advocate for its political agenda.

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