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Jubbaland kicks off Lower House elections in Kismayo
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Jubbaland kicks off Lower House elections in Kismayo

Jubbaland State has on Sunday begun the elections of the Lower House of the Federal Parliament of Somalia after Puntland and South West States started their elections in line with the National Consultative Council meeting accord that called for acceleration of the parliamentary elections across all the States. This is after Jubbaland State Electoral Commission concluded the registration exercise for the candidates who will be contending for the six seats which had previously been announced by the body with the sitting MPs set to also defend their seats. On Sunday the elections of six seats released by the commission commenced in the capital Kismayo. Omar Ibrahim won the first seat with 80 votes against his rival contender Abdi Aden who got 12 votes. Asad Abdirizaq Mohamed won Hop#120 seat while Mohamed Sheikh Osmaan clinched the Hop#107 seat. A number of candidates have shown interest for the seat of Hop107 in an attempt to unseat the incumbent Hawa Mohamed. The seats announced include Hop111 seat which was occupied by Mohamed Nur Iftin for the last four years Hop028 and Hop033 seats are occupied respectively by Abdullahi Mohamed Aden Sha’ir, and Sheikh Nur Mohamed Hassan, a former Minister of Religion Federal Electoral Commission FEIT Chairman Muse Gelle Yussuf and his delegation are expected to oversee the elections in Kismayo today.Members of Jubbaland Electoral body will also be in attendance.

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