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Puntland begins elections of Lower House MPs in Garowe

Puntland begins elections of Lower House MPs in Garowe

Puntland State has on Saturday begun the elections of the Lower House seats in line with the National Consultative Council meeting outcome that called for speedy acceleration of the ongoing parliamentary elections. Puntland State deputy finance minister Abdi Ibrahim Warsame "Qowdhan" has become the first MP to be elected in Garowe on Saturday after an easy contest race for Hop#196 seat. This is after the State Electoral Commission on Friday concluded the registration exercise for candidates contesting for the first five seats of the 11 seats announced by the electoral committee. The Mayor denied reports circulating on social media that there is an election crisis in Garowe, the capital of Puntland State of Somalia. On the flip side, the mayor of Garowe Ahmed Said Muse has dismissed reports on Social Media that their is an electoral crisis in Garowe and termed the reports as baseless and misleading. He told journalists in Garowe that there is no problem in the elections that kicked off this morning and said that the situation is calm. “I would to assure the members of the public that there are no problems in the ongoing elections of Puntland and those reports on social media are fake and malicious and urged those who are propagating to return to Allah" said the Mayor.

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