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FAHAD YASSIN: An Al- Shabaab operative woman married a NISA agent
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FAHAD YASSIN: An Al- Shabaab operative woman married a NISA agent

Fahad Yassin Hajji Dahir, Former Somalia National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) boss and current National security advisor to President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has today in a four page piece cemented his achievements during his tenure as the director of NISA.Fahad a bureaucrat of the current regime has kept a low profile since the ascendency of President Farmajo into power.

Today in what appeared to redeem the besmirched image of NISA under his stint, Yassin boasted of his transformation of NISA from a thuggish incensed police force to an internationally acclaimed force that attracted sleuths from powerful intelligence agents to draw an example and benchmark from.

"During my tenure as NISA chief i was able to reform the force and even most powerful world countries came to Moqadishu to take a leaf from us on how we can conduct and combat with insurgency" he said.

Although there are no independent reports to verify his assertions, Fahad claimed to have scales down the crime rate incidents that used to happen in the seaside volatile city from 85 to 9 during his three years reign in NISA.

He for the first time acknowledged that their is unit within NISA dubbed "Civilian guard"  which is in plain clothes who he largely praised for their incredible work in preempting terror related crimes.

In some areas within his piece he took examples of escapades that hugely conveyed a tale about the reforms the agency had made in the last three years, he narrated about a woman who was a senior figure within the Al- Shabaab militant group who tied the knot with a NISA agent as a scapegoat to execute her errands in the city and run away from the wrath of both NISA and the law.

"The agent was advised to continue living with the her with a view to siphoning some of the secret crucial information from her about their targets and undertaking in the town and thus had facilitated the arrest of 12 insurgents who committed various counts of crimes and were later arraigned in the military court where they sentenced on according to the grievity of their cases " said Fahad.

Moreover, Fahad outlined that 8 senior directors of from different intelligent agencies from across the World and mostly from powerful countries arrived in Mogadishu to benchmark on NISA on how to fight and combat with terrorism in their respective jurisdiction.

However, Fahad along with other senior sleuths at NISA who werep accused of being behind the assassination of a junior officer at the agency Ikran Tahlil did not disclosed or talked about her case which was the premise behind his ouster from the agency last year by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble after failing to submit a comprehensive report on her whereabouts as directed by PM Roble.


Fahad was seen in the political arena during the campaigns in 2012 of  Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as president to succeed from the then president Sheikh Shariff Sheikh Ahmed.Fahad Yassin through his close relations with Gulf states propelled and engineered former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as president.

He was later appointed as the Minister for Transport a post he declined.He later fell out with Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and initiated an anti-revolution in 2016 against Hassan Sheikh Mohamud's candidature.

He outmanoeuvred Hassan and successfully installed the incumbent president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo in 2017 and his discreet decisions are most of the time felt in the steps taken by President Farmajo.

Fahad who is rumoured to be contesting for a parliamentary seat in Beledweyne town in Hirshabelle Statein the ongoing Lower House elections has in a bid to make his political dream come true allegedly conspired with Hiraan Salvation Army Commander Gen.Huud who is battling to axe the Hirshabelle administration president Ali Gudlawe on accounts of violation of rotational presidency from President give in and open talks with president Farmajo according to reports in the media though Radio Dalsan can not independently verify the reports.


Fahad Yassin is a man who scarcely appear in Media or public glare since the current regime took over Villa Somalia a clear indication that he does not want the Public or the World to know what he espouses as a principles and has never opened or operate a Facebook page or any other Social Media accounts where people can retrieve or get his personal information from.