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Woman dies hours to her engagement ceremony in Hargeisa
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Woman dies hours to her engagement ceremony in Hargeisa

A woman in the Hargeisa the capital of the breakaway region of Somaliland has died just hours before her (Nikah) engagement. Fadumo Osman Aden, who was to be engaged to Khalid Mohamed Mohamud from the United States this morning, died at Hargeisa international hospital after a short illness. According to reports, the engagement of Fadumo Osman Aden was scheduled to be on Saturday, January 15, 2022, with some of the friends and relatives getting ready for the Nikah ceremony. ''I have been her neighbour for over 15 years and came back to the country to attend her wedding,'' said Ahmed Karaama.   Fadumo was rushed to hospital on Friday evening when she suddenly had a stroke. Nikah is a religious ceremony for a Muslim couple to be legally wed under Islamic law.  This ceremony makes the wedding official because in the Islamic tradition it’s not permissible for a couple to be intimate without a Nikah.   

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