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President Farmajo voices support for NCC outcome
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President Farmajo voices support for NCC outcome

Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has welcomed the outcome of the six days National Consultative Council meeting held in Mogadishu chaired by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and attended by regional leaders and Banadir governor Omar Filish. In a televised broadcast address on Monday night, the president said that the onus is now on the Assembly to implement the outcome of the poll talks in a bid to accelerate the ongoing Lower House elections and pilot the country through the protracted electoral and political process. President Farmajo also applauded the security apparatus in the country who he said have risked their lives to ensure that the citizens are safe from incessant attacks and have always been round the clock to combat with Al- Shabaab insurgency. "Our efforts and plans we have implemented as a government have the enhancement of our security forces have enabled our brave men and women in uniform to fight with Al- Shabaab terrorists and process of taking over the control of all security from AMOSOM peacekeepers," said President Farmajo. The president eventually encouraged the civilians to live-in harmony and co-existence which he said have will contribute significantly to the existence of Somalia in posterity and observed the role played by Somali youth in the oneness, governance and protection of the country. His address comes amid a political stand-off between the president and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble over the management and handling of elections that led to the president suspending the powers of the Prime Minister and blockade from his office and which PM Roble termed as a coup attempt and vowed to stay put in his quest to deliver elections for the country.

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