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SNA Officials Killed In Al-Shabab Attack In Galgadud Region
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SNA Officials Killed In Al-Shabab Attack In Galgadud Region

At least four Somali troops including senior officials have been killed by the Al-Shabab group in the Adakibir town in Galgadud region in Galmudug State on Sunday. The Commander of the 13th Battalion of the Somali National Army Lieutenant Colonel Ali Mohamed Socaadle and li Agawayne, the commander of the SNA's 21st Division were among those killed after Al-Shabaab militants launched an attack. Heavy casualty has been reported from both sides in Adakibir town which is about 60km east of Adado city in central Somalia. The al-Qaeda-linked armed group, which launches regular attacks in a bid to undermine Somalia’s central government, claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. The armed group, based in Somalia, controls large parts of southern and central Somalia and frequently carries out bombings and gun attacks on military and civilian targets, including at hotels, intersections and checkpoints. The group has been fighting in Somalia to overthrow the government to establish Sharia law understood in their own understood in their own interpretation.

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