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5th day of poll talks concludes in Mogadishu
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5th day of poll talks concludes in Mogadishu

The fifth day of the National Consultative Council meeting has concluded in the capital Mogadishu on Saturday, January 8, 2022. According to government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu, the Mogadishu talks between the federal government and the Federal Member States centred the course-correcting reported irregularities and lack of transparency in the electoral process. ''NCC meeting has resumed on Saturday and leaders are deeply discussing and considering election shortcomings raised by CPC, CSOs and International partners on transparency of ongoing election and correct implementation of electoral procedures in line with Sep 17 agreement 2020 and May 2021,' he said. Sources close to the meeting has told Dalsan that the meeting appeared to be facing challenges including the issue of national security. The source said that the leaders are set to meet with members of opposition candidates tomorrow to discuss their resentments about the long-delayed elections. The Somali Prime Minister has in the past days met with the regional state leaders, Mogadishu mayor Omar Moahmud Filish, Opposition candidates and the civil society groups to accelerate the ongoing election process and the best way to stick to election procedures. The Horn African nation was meant to hold elections at the parliamentary and presidential levels starting last year but the country's clan-based electoral system and feuds between the country's leaders delayed delay the election process.  

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