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Al-Shabaab Kills 4 Police Officers In Kenya
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Al-Shabaab Kills 4 Police Officers In Kenya

At least four Kenyan police officers were killed in the coastal region of Kenya bordering Somalia that is prone to incursions by Al-Shabaab militants The attack took place in Lamu County on Friday afternoon when the officers were escorting vehicles. Al-Shabaab fighters had reportedly ambushed the vehicle the officers were travelling in, in an area between Mkunumbi Widhu Lamu county. Police said the motive of the attack was not immediately established. A least six people were killed following a suspected al-Shabaab attack at the Widhu Majembeni area in the same county. The militants were said to have attacked the people with crude weapons and torched several houses before escaping. The militant group claimed responsibility of the attack.

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