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NCC meeting enters its fourth day amid reports of collapse of talks
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NCC meeting enters its fourth day amid reports of collapse of talks

The National Consultative Council meeting has entered its fourth day today amid reports of collapse of the meeting after the Assembly differed on the take over of the country's security by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble. The regional leaders of Galmudug Ahmed Qoorqoor, Hirshabelle's Ali Gudlawe, his South West counterpart Abdiaziz Hassan Lafta-Garen and mayor of Moqadishu Omar Filish who are close allies of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo are said to have threatened to leave the meeting if the security agenda dominates the meeting. Sources say the leaders are basing their contention over who is mandated to handle the country's security with Qoorqoor reportedly insisting that the president is the only person tasked by the constitution to handle security responsibilities and that the Prime Minister cannot assume such responsibilities. However, despite the reports of the collapse being rife Somali government spokesperson Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu says strong discussions are underway and dispelled the reports of the collapse of the meeting. Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble still holds his position that the president hands over the security responsibilities to him in the wake of political stand- off between him and the president Farmajo. The NCC meeting which had kicked off in Moqadishu on Monday after facing challenges of its start is geared towards accelerating elections, improving electoral procedures and agreed upon final schedule. In a media briefing on Wednesday, government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu said their are high hopes of way forward on resolving the electoral and political process stalemate hinting that the council have taken a consensus on some of the crucial items in the meeting.

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