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Ilhan Omar Asks Farmaajo To Step Down
Somali Elections

Ilhan Omar Asks Farmaajo To Step Down

US Congressman Ilhan Omar has called on President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo whose lapsed last year to step aside. In a statement, Ilhan asked the president to hold the long the long-overdue elections in Somalia to proceed. ''Farmaajo is a year past his mandate. It's time for him to step aside, and for long-overdue elections to proceed as soon as possible.'' Ilhan said. The statement by Ilhan came hours before the US State Department issued a statement saying it would take action against those who obstruct the peace process in Somalia. ''The U.S. is prepared to act against those who obstruct Somalia’s path to peace. The attempted suspension of Mohamed Hussein Roble is alarming and we support his efforts for rapid and credible elections. All parties must desist from escalators actions and statements,'' the statement read in part. The United Embassy in Mogadishu on Monday called on Somalia’s leaders to “de-escalate tensions and refrain from all provocations or use of force.  

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