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US Urges Somalia Not To Delay Lower Elections

US Urges Somalia Not To Delay Lower Elections

The United States embassy in Somalia on Wednesday urged the leaders of the Federal Members States not to delay the Lower House election. In a statement, the embassy called on the leaders to swiftly conclude a credible, transparent, and inclusive process. ''We urge the regional state leaders Said Abdullahi Deni, Ahmed Madobe, Ahmed Abdi Qoorqoor, Ali Gudlawe to avoid further delays and swiftly conclude credible, transparent, and inclusive elections,'' the embassy said. ''A timely, broadly accepted process is critical to Somalia’s future,'' the embassy added. The electoral commission announced yesterday that four out of a total of 16 seats would be up for grabs and that the registration of candidates will begin from Monday to Thursday, December 16. Among the contestants for the race is Fowsiyo Yusuf Haji, who is one of the candidates aspiring for presidency. Somaliland delegates have already elected eight MPs.

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