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Former Deputy Somali PM Arrested in Hargeisa

Former Deputy Somali PM Arrested in Hargeisa

Former Somali Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omar Carte Qalib has been arrested at Egal Airport in Hargeisa on Wednesday. According to an official who declined to be named Mohamed Omar Arte, was put in custody after he was found at the airport holding a Diplomatic Somali passport. Arte went to Somaliland last year and resigned as a member of parliament from the Somali government, while visiting his father, Omar Carte Qalib, fell ill in Hargeisa and later died in November, 2021. Mohamed Omar Arte is the son of Somalia’s former Prime minister and Foreign Minister in 1991-1993 Omar Arte Qalib. He hails from Somaliland but had been a unionist projecting the continual unification of Somaliland and Somalia. Somaliland authorities do not usually allow members of the Somalia Federal Government to live or travel inside its territory. He was also pardoned last year by Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi after renouncing his views against Somaliland Statehood. Somaliland is an autonomous region in northern Somalia, which broke away and declared independence from Somalia in 1991. No foreign power recognises Somaliland's sovereignty, but it is self-governing with an independent government.

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