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Two Lawmakers Wounded In Jowhar Explosion
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Two Lawmakers Wounded In Jowhar Explosion

At least one person has died and three others including two regional MPs injured after an improvised explosive device (IED) went off in Jowhar town, 90 kilometres from Mogadishu. The bomb blast took place at a restaurant in Kulmis area where regional legislators were seated at the time of the explosion. Confirming the incident, Hirshabelle parliament speaker, Abdihakim Lukman Haji condemned the attack and wished quick recovery to those injured. ''One person has died and three people including two MPs have been injured in the attack,'' he said. The two regional lawmakers were identified as n Omar Gabow and Yusuf Abdukadir Kanani. There was no immediate comment from the police and neither was there a claim of responsibility. The attack today adds to an increasing number of targeted bomb attacks in Jowhar. On Thursday, Al-Shabaab group targeted the Jowhar city airport with mortars. The group claimed responsibility for the Thursday attack, saying it had targeted Burundian peacekeepers serving under the AMISOM and “white” soldiers based at the airport.    

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