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Tension Runs High In Bosaso As Rival Troops Patrol Streets

Tension Runs High In Bosaso As Rival Troops Patrol Streets

Tension is running high in the coastal town of Bosaso after rival soldiers were seen patrolling major streets of the city. Residents in the city reported a heavy presence of troops a day after Puntland leader, Said Abdullahi Deni disregarded elders over the sacking of Puntland boss. On Wednesday, a group of Puntland traditional leaders proposed that former Puntland Security forces commandant Mohamud Osman Diyano retain assets he used during his tenure in the force. Puntland State government rejected the proposal that renders PSF weapons and properties personal belongings of the sacked PSF Commander who refused to leave office. Last week, dozens of vehicles ferrying troops entered the Bosaso as regional forces and the mutineers took taken up new positions in the town of Bosaso. Locals were reportedly fled their neighbourhoods due to fear of clashes. Road traffic of cities in the region with the coastal town has also been suspended and dozens of vehicles were stranded in the nearby town of Armo after they had been told not to continue their trip until further notice.    

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