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Foreign Affairs Minister Meets James Swan
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Foreign Affairs Minister Meets James Swan

Foreign Affairs Minister Abdisaid Muse Ali, has met with the head of the United Nations in Somalia James Swan, on Wednesday. The meeting between the two leaders took place in Mogadishu on December 8. In a brief statement, the ministry said the discussions between the two leaders centred on several issues, which included strengthening cooperation in key areas going forward. ''The FM discussed with the SRSG the political, security and humanitarian developments in Somalia. Both the FM and SRSG agreed to strengthen cooperation in key areas going forward,'' the ministry said. James Swan is responsible for UN operations in Somalia, including two UN missions and 23 agencies, funds, and programmes that together have about 2,000 national and international staff and a budget of about $2 billion. He serves concurrently as the Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM).

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