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Finland donates €7.65 million to scale up education sector in Somalia

Finland donates €7.65 million to scale up education sector in Somalia

The Finland embassy in Mogadishu announced that it donated 7.65 million Euros on Wednesday to strengthen the education sector in the horn of African nation. ''Finland is happy to announce we are contributing €7.65 million to Improving Educational Opportunities for Somali Children! With the funds, administered through UNICEF Somalia. We aim to expand access to pre-primary and primary education,'' the embassy said in a statement. Speaking during the launch of this partnership in Mogadishu, Education Minister Abdullahi Abukar Haji said the partnership would expand the availability of schools for the many children who were out of school. “Finland is extremely pleased to start this partnership with UNICEF for the benefit of Somali children,” said Finnish Ambassador Pirkka Tapiola. “It is crucial to support equal access to educational services and strengthen capacities to improve learning outcomes. This requires well-educated teachers and investments into better teaching and learning practices and educational environments,” she added. Funding will strengthen access to essential services and underscores Finland's long-term commitment to improving the lives of Somali children, according to Finlands Ambassador Pirkka Tapiola.  The educational shortage in Somalia is one of the most acute in the world. Of the total 4.7 million school-aged population (12.3m total Somali population), 972,000 children or one out of every five Somali student-aged children is displaced according to the USAID.  

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