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2nd Day Of Mogadishu Tech Summit Now Underway In Mogadishu

2nd Day Of Mogadishu Tech Summit Now Underway In Mogadishu

The second day of the Biggest tech gathering event in Somalia, Mogadishu Tech Summit is now underway after kicking off in the capital. The summit aims to explore the major trends in the countries technology sector, connect key players and entrepreneurs. The second day of the Technology Summit has attracted hundreds of entrepreneurs, students and government officials, and is conceived by a group of young Somalis who want to highlight the work of dozens of local companies in the sector. ''Today is day 2 of Mogadishu Tech Summit2021, and we'll be looking at access to education. There will also be an interesting discussion regarding education innovation and digitization, with a thorough dive into both,'' Mogadishu tech summit said in a brief statement. The summit is also holding panel discussions, talks and break-away sessions which are meant to encourage interaction among the technophiles. ''It is the 2nd day of the summit and today's speeches and discussions are highly anticipated and exciting, and all on “getting quality education". Mogadishu tech summit links the Somali tech entrepreneurs, disruptors and tech geeks and together more than five thousand participants from IT engineers at IBM, data scientists at Google to food-delivery startups in Mogadishu.    

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