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Mogadishu Man On The Run After Stabbing Wife To Death

Mogadishu Man On The Run After Stabbing Wife To Death

A Mogadishu man has stabbed his wife to death after she allegedly refused to give $25 dollars. The man, who is an Autorickshaw driver in the capital committed the heinous act on December 05, 2021, and immediately fled leaving the lifeless body of his wife lying in the ground. According to relatives, the couple broke into an argument before the husband stabbed her several times at their house in Mogadishu's Hamar Jajab. The family of the stabbed woman have demanded justice and called on the authorities to launch a manhunt. ''My daughter was raising her children and he stabbed her to death and fled away. I want that man to be arrested and appear in court for sentence,'' the stabbed woman's mother said. She described her daughter as a hardworking mom with dreams of raising her children. The woman identified as Qamar Abdi Omar and left behind twelve children. The husband fled after relatives and neighbours came to rescue the woman. It remains unclear whether the couple were having disputes in the past weeks.

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