Somali Military Infantry Commander Vows To Take Action Against Soldiers Killing Civilians

Somali military has vowed to take action against two soldiers accused of killing civilians in Mogadishu.

Somali National Army’s (SNA) infantry forces commander Mohamed Tahlil Bihi said the soldiers arrested in connection with the murder of the siblings will appear before the court.

”Our mission is to fight Al-Shabaab fighters we absolutely have every responsibility to protect the civilian population but not to kill them”, said SNA infantry commander Mohamed Tahlil.

The commander made the remarks during the arrival of over 100 Somali commandos trained by the Turkish Armed Forces.

On Friday night soldiers shot and killed two siblings identified as Zakariye and Sowda after they fired to clear a traffic jam.

Security forces in Mogadishu have previously shot dead civilians while clearing traffic jam.

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