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Mogadishu Book Fair Concludes Drawing Thousands Of Visitors

Mogadishu Book Fair Concludes Drawing Thousands Of Visitors

The sith Mogadishu Book Fair (MBF), which began on December 1 concluded on Friday night, drawing thousands of visitors in the last three days.


 Among the attendee were renowned authors, intellectuals, poets and politicians, and who participated in panel discussions.


The government dignitaries who participated in the 3rd-day of the fair were Information Minister Osman Abukar Dubbe, Abdullahi Arab, Minister of Education, Culture, and Higher Education, Villa Somalia Deputy Chief of Staff, Abdinur Mohamed among others.


Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble congratulated the organisers of the fair which continues to grow in popularity.


''I commend Mogadishu Book Fair for the sixth fair which is a fundamental appointment for our country's cultural life,'' PM Roble said.


To ensure the safety of guests, visitors and exhibitors, strict precautionary measures were enforced throughout the 3-day event in line with the government's efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19. 


Mogadishu Book Fair was founded by Mohamed Diini Ahmed, an alumnus of Ohio state university and the University of Westminister.

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