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2 Soldiers Arrsted For Killing Two Siblings In Mogadishu

2 Soldiers Arrsted For Killing Two Siblings In Mogadishu

Two Somali soldiers have been arrested in connection with the killing of two siblings in Mogadishu on Thursday night.

Speaking to the media Somali Police Spokesman, Abdifatah Adan, said the suspects were arrested after police in the capital launched a manhunt.

“The police have arrested the suspects who are currently in custody for the killing of Zakariya Mohamud Hussein and Sowda Mohamud Hussein,'' the Somali police spokesman said.

He said that the suspects will appear before the court in the coming days to answer charges.

Meanwhile, the family of the victims who were shot dead by two soldiers after they opened fire at an autorickshaw at Debka junction said they will not bury the bodies of their kins until justice served.

The victims were reportedly out to get some food for a relative who was undergoing treatment at a city hospital when they were killed.

The vehicle sped away after they opened fire at the two siblings.

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