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Electoral Commission Chairman To Meet Former Parliament Speaker Jawari

Electoral Commission Chairman To Meet Former Parliament Speaker Jawari

The chairman at the Federal Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT), Mohamed Hassan Irro has said the electoral commission has received complaints and they will look at the controversy" regarding ongoing parliamentary efforts.  Speaking to BBC Somali Service, Irro said gave an overview of the elections electoral process and said complaints have been lodged from incumbent candidates, while the second was to the community delegates electing the seat. He also added that he is meeting with the former speaker of the parliament, Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari, who was barred from running for his seat.  ''We have received different complaints regarding the election and I'm meeting Jawahiri to look into his complaints about the elections,'' FEIT chairman, Mohamed Hassan Irro said. This comes as the international community expressed concern over the transparency in the parliamentary elections, calling for the elections to be credible to all stakeholders and the Somali people. "We call for full transparency in all related processes, including selection committee appointments, delegates selection, candidate registration, the reservation of seats for women candidates, to comply with the agreed 30 percent quota, and the management of candidate fees. We further call on the electoral committees to facilitate observation of all polling station activities."

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