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Recently Elected Galmudug Senator Resigns

Recently Elected Galmudug Senator Resigns

A senator who was elected to join the 11th Parliament of Somalia in the recently concluded Galmudug Upper House elections has announced his resignation. In a letter seen sent to Galmudug president dated 15th of this month, Senator Yusuf Gelle Ugaas said he couldn't continue the job and opted to resign. "Recognizing my responsibility to the country, especially Galmudug and the people I represent I have decided to resign,'' read part of the letter. " I hope my resignation will be accepted by President Ahmed Abdi Kariye, the speaker of the Galmudug Parliament and all members of parliament,'' he added. It is reported that the senator is vying for a seat in the Lower House parliament which is scheduled to kick off next week. Galmudug State on November 13, 2021, concluded the election of senators which started in late July.  

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