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Jubbaland Accuses Federal Government of Blocking Aid From Kismayo

Jubbaland Accuses Federal Government of Blocking Aid From Kismayo

Jubbaland Vice President Mohamud Sayid Adan has accused the federal government forces of blocking aid from Kismayo to the drought-affected people in the region. Speaking to BBC Somali Service, the regional state vice president said Jubbaland aid agencies were unable to operate in Gedo, saying the federal government was politicizing the relief efforts for those affected by the drought. "In Gedo, the federal government troops who have illegally blocked aid from Kismayo to help those affected by the drought in Gedo region," said Mohamud Sayid Adan. Sayid revealed that the central government politicized the relief efforts for the people by the drought in the districts and areas Gedo. The remarks by the vice president come barely two weeks after Jubaland accused the federal government of mismanaging airports in the federally-controlled Gedo region. Jubaland and the federal government have been protesting over the control of the Gedo region. The federal president who hails Gedo wanted to have MPs from the region in hand hence deployed hundreds of heavily armed forces in the region who are now in control of the region.        

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