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Galmudug Parliament Elects Last Two Senators

Galmudug Parliament Elects Last Two Senators

Somalia’s Galmudug State has concluded the election of the region’s senators of the Upper House of Federal Parliament with the election of the last two senators. Abdi Hassan Awale (Qeybdid) was re-elected as a member of the Upper House of the Somali Parliament after his contender withdrew from the race. Also elected in today's election held in Dhusamareb was Abdi Osman Hared. The 54 member chamber will be sitting jointly with the 275 members of the Lower House to elect a new president. Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble welcomed the conclusion of the upper house elections in a brief statement. ''I Congratulate the Galmudug leader and other regional states. We are expecting all the states to start holding lower house elections as soon as possible,'' PM Roble said.

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