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Senior Al-Shabaab Fighter Surrenders to Somali Troops

Senior Al-Shabaab Fighter Surrenders to Somali Troops

A top al-Shabaab militant has given himself up to the Somali military on Friday in the Lower Shabelle region.

Mohamed Hassan Maalim alias Abu-Ali who was the chairman of Al-the militant group's court in Kuntur-waarey district surrendered to the government.

According to Kuntur Waarey district commissioner, Mohamed was also collecting tax from the locals.

He said the surrender of the Al-Shabaab member came as a result of efforts made by the Somali government security forces in Lower Shabelle.

He added that the government was open to receive defectors from the militant group Al-Shabaab.

The surrender comes as government forces intensify operations against al-Shabab militants in the Lower Shabelle region which remains one of the strongholds of the group.

Al-Shabaab has not commented on the defection.

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