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Deputy PM Guleid elected MP for Somaliland

Deputy PM Guleid elected MP for Somaliland

Elections for Somalia's Lower House of Parliament commenced Monday morning with the election of Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guleid is the first MP in Lower House elections. MP-elect Guleid got 97 votes while his only challenger Mushtaq Ibrahim garnered three votes. Also elected to the Lower House chamber of Somalia's Federal Parliament is Bihi Iman. Security was tight in the capital Mogadishu traffic coming into the area of the Gen. Kahiye Police Academy in Hamar Jajab district. The elected legislators were selected by 101 delegates who recently completed a training course in Mogadishu on Sunday. Nothern region becomes the first to conduct Lower House elections which were set to kick off on August according to the elections schedule issued by the Federal Indirect Elections Team (FIET).

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