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Outrage Over
Somali News

Outrage Over "Shia Flag" In Somalia Sufi Celebrations

Shia flag has reportedly been raised in southern Somalia on Wednesday during the celebrations of Sufi clerics and saints buried in the ancient town. Responding to the reports, Sheikh Daud Sheikh Muhumed, said the person who raised the Shia flag in Warsheikh wanted the attention of the people who were celebrating the saints buried there. He alleged that foreign countries have funded the man to indoctrinate and convert Muslims to Shia. Somali scholar Sheikh Ali Nur popularly known as Hoogsade says that well-funded foreigners are trying to promote Shia's in Somalia to divide Muslims. ''We have been seeing this kind of activity from the past weeks in different districts. The government must launch an investigation and sentence those found guilty of trying to divide Muslims. This comes barely two weeks after a man was spotted with a Shia flag in Mogadishu during the celebrations of the Prophet Muhammad's birthday. Warsheikh is a town in the southeastern Middle Shabelle region of Somalia and is famed for its Sufism history.

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