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Couple appointed ministers in Ethiopia's Somali state

Couple appointed ministers in Ethiopia's Somali state

The president of Ethiopia’s Somali regional state, Mustafa Omar Agjar has appointed a couple to serve as ministers in the new Somali State administration in Ethiopia. In a statement, President Agjar unveiled a 57-member cabinet including a husband and his wife, an unprecedented move in the region. Agjar was re-elected as President of the Somali State in Ethiopia on October 18, 2021. He won a five-year term. The region also made history after the parliament also elected Ayaan Abdi as the first female speaker while Ibrahim Hassan Ali was picked as deputy speaker. Agjar came to the position as acting interim president of the Somali Regional State on 22 August 2018, after the Ethiopian military forced Abdi Iley to resign following a standoff with the central government.

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