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Kenya's Uhuru Stays Defiant Over ICJ Maritime Verdict

Kenya's Uhuru Stays Defiant Over ICJ Maritime Verdict

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has once again responded to the border dispute between Somalia and Kenya. Speaking during the Mashujaa day celebration which honours the heroes who fought for freedom from colonial rule in Kenya, Uhuru said he will protect Kenya's territorial integrity. “On many occasions, we have experienced territorial aggressions to the sanctity of our borders. Some have been driven from within and others from without. But the message of our founding fathers to these aggressors was simple: ‘Not an inch less, not an inch more.’ And this is the message that must reverberate across the collective quarters that are bent on annexing any part of the territory known as the Republic of Kenya,” Uhuru said. ''The resolve of our founding fathers rings as true today, as it did then. And we as Kenyans say this because we are a nation content with our country’s bounty and also content with the splendour within our borders,” he added. Somalia this month was awarded by a top UN court control of most of a potential oil- and gas-rich chunk of the Indian Ocean after a bitter legal battle with neighbouring Kenya over their sea border. The ICJ ruled that there is no de facto maritime border between the two countries, setting a new border that cuts through the disputed area (100,000 square kilometres).

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